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      Keynote Speakers

      • Andrew Shimmer photo

        Andrew Shimmer


        Andrew Shimmer has more than 15 years of experience in IT development and marketing. He has successfully run companies specializing in innovative technologies.

      • Ann Maisner photo

        Ann Maisner

        Marketing Director

        Ann is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing. She has been rewarded by the Association of Marketing as one of the most successful directors.

      • Tomas Abbar photo

        Tomas Abbar

        Product Manager

        For 13 years, Tomas has been taking a position of product manager at Quantum. He successfully launched several best-selling products. Now he is working on 3 new products.

      • Tomas Abbar photo

        Patrick Pool

        Head of Family Clinic

        For more than 20 years, Patrick Pool, an executive healthcare specialist, has been committed to serving people's health around the world. He strives to improve the quality of healthcare and to deliver the exceptional patient experience.

      • Tomas Abbar photo

        Elizabeth Smith

        General Manager at IoT Solutions

        Elizabeth has over 15 years of experience building IoT devices. For the last two years she serves as a chairwoman of the community of The Internet of Things. She is responsible for the development of new medical devices in a heart surgery.

      • Tomas Abbar photo

        David Taylor

        Director, Corporate Marketing at HyperG

        David is a director of corporate marketing at HyperG with almost 25 years of successful marketing experience. He is responsible for developing innovative, well-planned strategies, which lead the company to success.

      Other Speakers


      Daniel Robertson

      Director of Product



      John Hunter

      President and Chief
      Technology Officer



      Michele Sawyer

      and CEO at IBM


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