JULY 29-AUGUST 5, 2024

      Hosted by Beqa Lagoon Resort, Fiji

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      We are excited to bring back Beqa's Shark Fest in 2024

      29 July – 5 August, 2024Each year we've dedicated a week at Beqa to diving with sharks plus shark education under the leadership of Dr. Erich Ritter, a world-renowned shark behaviorist. We were privileged and honored to have one of the most iconic figures in the shark world to supervise our shark conservation and education during Shark Fests Fiji at Beqa Lagoon Resort.  In August 2020 Dr. Erich Ritter sadly passed away.We are fortunate to have connected with one of Dr. Ritter's Esteemed Shark School colleagues, Chad Sinden, to continue Dr. Ritter's work with Beqa's sharks. 
      If you would like to join us for this educational and thrilling event, please click on the link below for more details.

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      It Starts in...

      Since we have a very limited number of places available for hosting, we recommend that you reserve your place and receive a discount now.


      What You'll Get

      • 6 days daily seminars

      • 10 dives at Beqa’s famous Cathedral Shark Dive Site

      • fun Photo and Film contest

      Chad Sinden, Chief Instructor


      — "My journey to the ocean was a little different. I wish I could tell you that I was one of these people who were born beautiful and always stared longingly at the sea when I was a child, hoping to be at one with the ocean as I so often hear. But I can't. I had to conquer some personal challenges before I found sanctity in the sea."
      Sharks and life underwaterTo look into the eye of a shark as it glides past you or have a 15 ton animal approach you out of curiosity and looks you directly into the eye is like having a supreme being gaze directly into your soul. You don't need drugs or alcohol to get high, you need to jump in the water with Megafauna. Creatures that have been here for over 400 million years. We study dinosaurs in books and museums but we only need to turn to the ocean today to discover the largest animals that have ever existed. We are sadly in the last age of the big animals. My love for sharks and megafauna comes from a time in my life when the word held no magic, no wonder and no mystery. I rediscovered that magic underwater. I hope to create awareness with the power of story telling, imagery and video to inspire you.
      If I can do it so can you.
      PADI award-winning scuba instructorWhy scuba? Over 6000 dives around the world I am privileged to have been able to introduce a wide range of people and cultures rich or poor to the beautiful underwater kingdom. That happy accomplishing "high 5!" is just as satisfying for me whether it comes from a 10-year-old, a person with learning/physical disabilities or a 70-year-old. I have taught them all and the feeling of gratitude I have never gets old. There is only one way to fall in love with the ocean... and that is to get in it! What are you waiting for!? Let's go diving!

      Why You Should Visit Shark Fest 2024

      • Inspiration

        Following shark week, at Beqa, guests will be inspired to render themselves as ambassadors promoting the protection and preservation of sharks.

      • Challenge

        Experience unexpected emotions, learn more about shark behavior and discover sharks in their habitat

      • Sustainability

        Raise your awareness about how important sharks are for the oceans as well as life on this planet.

      • Encouragement

        Through knowledge, experience, and appreciation of sharks, you will create a better world.

      Join Now

      Since we have a very limited number of spaces available, we recommend that you reserve your place and receive your $500 USD discount now.


      All workshops revolve around ADORE-SANE, the world's first and only shark-human interaction concept.
      This workshop focuses on the interaction aspects of different shark species. It will be taught what to look for when facing a shark, which factor(s) influence(s) the situation the most, and how to interpret an encounter. Everything learned in the classroom will also be tried and tested with and among free-roaming sharks within changing situations to give a thorough introduction to different scenarios.
      • Introduction to ADORE-SANE • Daily in-water exercises (related to ADORE-SANE) • Detailed introduction in shark behavior and interaction with sharks• Overview of shark accidents/incidents, their analysis and interpretation • Do’s & don’ts for any common watersport activity


      Don't miss this opportunity to meet our sharks.

      • Cost of the course

        $595 pp USD + Free Nitrox for the week

        Course includes 6 seminars and 10 shark dive upgrades.

      • Cost for early birds

        $1,750 pp USD Double occupancy for all inclusive dive pkg

        Includes 7 nights in a fijian villa,3 gourmet meals daily, R/T ground & boat transfers, five 2-tank reef boat dives, and unlimited shore diving.

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      Location & Contacts

      Feel free to contact us for any business, media, or personal inquiries:

      Box 112 Deuba, Pacific Harbour, Beqa Lagoon Resort, Fiji Islands

      Phone: +1-702-247-4536moc.trosernoogalaqeb%40snoitavreser

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