One of the biggest NY conferences focused on business, design, and innovation.


      Why TechCon

      TechCon is a four-day conference created by Weblium and focused on technology, design, and innovation. It is meant to bring together designers, innovators, and inspired entrepreneurs from all over the world. TechCon is all about friendly community, challenging ideas, essential insights, and endless inspiration.

      During the conference, you'll be able to learn from those thriving in the industry and acquire resources and knowledge to become better in your craft.


      Who Will Attend?

      - Big-thinking entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and community
      - Leaders from large organizations, charities, and public-sector bodies
      - Consultants and agencies looking for new ways and ideas on how to help their clients thrive
      - HR specialists who think people are at the heart of the business
      - Sustainability-driven innovators balancing profits
      - Students, interns, and beginners building perspective business careers
      - 500 passionate people who are committed to creating an impressive impact

      Why You Should Visit TechCon

      • Inspiration

        Our speakers will inspire you with mind-blowing ideas supported by real-world examples and their success stories. 

      • Challenge

        Experience unexpected emotions, learn more about alternative perspectives and discover potentially controversial ideas. 

      • Community

        Become part of the warm, respectful and intelligent community of entrepreneurs and innovators. 

      • Encouragement

        It is possible to create a better business world. In fact, TechCon speakers are already working on that task.


      If you have any questions as to the conference, feel free to get in touch with us.

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